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What is Network Automation
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Symphonica allows you to seamlessly integrate your BSS into any network access technology with just a few clicks. No coding is required to unlock its easily designed custom automated provisioning workflows.

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What is Network Automation?

Network Automation is the process of using software tools to automate the configuration, management, and monitoring of network infrastructure. It aims to improve network efficiency, reliability, and security by reducing manual tasks and errors, and enabling faster deployment of network changes. This can include tasks such as device provisioning, network topology discovery, traffic management, and security policy enforcement.

What does Network Automation do?

Network automation streamlines network operations by automating routine and repetitive tasks, such as configuration management, network monitoring, and device provisioning. It can also help to enforce security policies, manage network traffic, and provide real-time network analytics. By reducing manual effort and minimizing human error, network automation can improve network reliability, efficiency, and security and enable faster response times to network issues. Ultimately, network automation can help organizations to optimize their network performance, reduce downtime, and better meet the demands of their users.

How does Automation Impact Network Management?

Let's take a look at everything you can do

What is Symphonica, the Best Network Automation Tool?

Symphonica’s no-code, zero-touch-capable orchestration, provisioning, and activation platform, Symphonica, is designed to accelerate CSPs’ transformational goals in building future-proof networks. Whether they need to deploy GPON, SD-WAN, 5G Network Slicing, IoT or other technologies, Symphonica SaaS stands ready to support them with multiple use cases and deployment scenarios. It is designed to allow CSPs to automate service lifecycle management without investing in time-consuming and budget-heavy projects.

All right, let’s cut to the chase

Cloud Native

Symphonica is cloud-native, designed for operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization following the five pillars of the AWS well-architected framework.

No-code Platform

Symphonica is a no-code platform where you can build, deploy, maintain and evolve your service orchestration, provisioning and management processes without writing a single line of code.

Multi Vendor

Symphonica is a multi-domain, multi-vendor solution designed to orchestrate, activate and manage virtually any service across physical, virtual and cloud network infrastructure.

Based on Standards

Symphonica is standard-based aligned with TM Forum Open APIs and entities providing rapid integration with existing systems and building a future-proof and open platform.

Services & Applications

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    Service Design
  • null
    Service and Resource Catalog
  • null
    Open APIs
  • null
    Service Order and Resource Orchestration
  • null
    Service Provisioning / Activation
  • null
    Service Inventory Management
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    Telemetry Collection (polling-based & streaming)
  • null
    Closed-Loop Automation
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    Management Portal
  • null
    Mobile Application (add-on for field tech assistance)

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