Enable CAMARA’s APIs immediately and build your Open Gateway NaaS with Symphonica!

Unlock the Power of CAMARA’s API with Symphonica and Open your network to the world immediately.

Pre-Integrated CAMARA’s APIs for Instant Access

Skip the setup process. Symphonica comes pre-configured with CAMARA’s APIs on the northbound side, allowing you to tap into all CAMARA’s functionalities right away.

Hassle-Free, No-Code Integration

Symphonica makes it simple to link CAMARA’s APIs to your existing network and systems, no matter which vendor or system you use.

Our no-code environment allows you to configure the workflows and network connectors to perform the required actions without writing a single line of code.

Each CAMARA API launches a Symphonica workflow that you can configure with points and clicks! Just tell Symphonica what actions to perform or where to get the information from, and it will do it securely and at scale.

Ready-to-Use Connectors

Each workflow connects to different systems and network elements through our exclusive no-code connectors. You can choose from an extensive library of prebuilt connectors, or build a new one in minutes using our no-code connector design studio

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Unlock the Power of CAMARA’s API with Symphonica

Learn how to enable CAMARA’s APIs immediately and build your Open Gateway NaaS with Symphonica!

The ideal Aggregator

Symphonica streamlines your go-to-market strategy by consolidating all Operator APIs into one universal interface. This makes it a breeze for a wide range of app developers to jump in and get started.

Carrier Billing API

Easily integrate mobile carrier payments into any app for quicker and more secure transactions.

Know your Customer API

Quickly and easily validate user contact info using reliable mobile carrier data, reducing identity fraud and boosting conversion rates.

Number Verification API

Automatically confirms if a user is on a device with a SIM card linked to a specific phone number (MSISDN), eliminating the need for credentials or one-time passwords (OTP).


Easily add SIM swap detection and management features using carrier network data, enabling quick and tailored adjustments to your service’s security protocols.

Quality on Demand API

Gain granular control over user connectivity, paving the way for new features and services that demand precise connectivity management.

Device Status API

Confirms the roaming status of SIM-based devices without compromising identity or GPS data.

Device Location API

Checks the actual location of SIM-based devices to ensure they’re in a specified area, without risk of GPS spoofing or identity theft. This enhances the security of services and transactions.

Credit Score API

Enables companies to assess customer credit scores through an API. Ideal for lenders, credit card firms, and financial institutions looking to gauge creditworthiness before approving loans or credit.

Blockchain Public Address API

Pairs phone numbers with blockchain public addresses (Decentralized Identifiers or DIDs), letting you execute transactions using the phone number rather than the DID. This way, you can associate a blockchain public address with a specific phone number.

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