Immediate OTT Integration

Discover how Symphonica, the award-winning next-generation service orchestration and provisioning platform of choice for forward-looking, AI-first, and cloud-first telecom operators, transforms OTT integration, reduces deployment times from months to weeks, and delivers exceptional quality and adaptability to changing industry dynamics.

Overcoming Integration Challenges

In the ever-evolving world of OTT services, seamless integration is key to staying competitive and meeting customer demands. However, integrating a new OTT platform can be a daunting task, and it comes with a set of unique challenges.


Ad Hoc Implementation:

The initial implementation generally lacks a unified standard architecture guideline, resulting in a disjointed and inconsistent infrastructure.


Custom Development Burden:

Each new OTT integration demands custom developments in every operational aspect, adding complexity and time to the integration process.


Isolated Efforts:

Integration efforts are fragmented, with different teams working in isolation, often leading to miscommunication and inefficiencies.


Protracted Integration Times:

On average, integrating a new OTT platform takes a painstaking six months, plagued by implementation and reconciliation difficulties.

Streamlining OTT Integration with Symphonica

Symphonica is completely aligned with all CSPs’ footprint and strategy of expanding services to their installed base through a centralized platform that provides the flexibility required to achieve their goals:

  • Go digital,
  • Drive convergence and
  • Provide the best customer experience.

Symphonica’s agility allows deployed use cases to be replicated in each operation, reducing implementation times considerably, ensuring high levels of quality and the ability to adapt to changes from other providers.

Symphonica for OTT Key Features

Unified OTT platform offering a full suite of services (video, music, etc).

Streamlined addition of new partners through standardized workflows.

Standardized integration, eliminating the need for adaptation with each new OTT solution.

Accelerated Time-to-market for new service offerings.

Consolidation of existing OTT services under the same platform.

Integration support for existing IPTV OTT solutions.

Native authentication integration with the OTT suppliers

Monetization of OTT content and provision of revenue assurance information.

Supports industry standards (VERIMATRIX, CUBIWARE, TIVO, CONAX, DAC, SEACHANGE, MINERVA, etc.)

Reduce OTT Deployment Time from
Months to Weeks with Symphonica

Symphonica: Simplifying OTT Integration

Symphonica has emerged as a central, cloud-native solution, revolutionizing the way OTT provisioning is managed. This innovative approach encompasses several key elements, including:

Centralized Configuration

Symphonica sets up one central cloud-native component to efficiently manage OTT provisioning, ensuring uniformity across all operations.

Efficient Flow Management

Establishing and configuring flows to manage predefined OTT scenarios, Symphonica streamlines the process, making it more agile and adaptable.

Simplified Integration

With Symphonica, a single connection is made from the central OTT provisioning component to each OTT platform, reducing redundancy and improving coordination.

Standardized Integrations

Utilizing TM Forum Open APIs for countries, Symphonica ensures standardized integrations, both into the central OTT provisioning component and for receiving notification events from the central provisioning to individual countries.

The results of this transformative approach are significant. The average time required for a new OTT implementation has been reduced to 6 to 8 weeks, a remarkable fourfold improvement over previous integration times.

With this recent OTT implementation, the promise of a more efficient and streamlined integration process is swiftly becoming a reality.

OTT Symphonica Quick Launch Package

Symphonica provides a comprehensive suite of service activation packages that help service providers quickly launch new services or roll out new network technologies.

Its quick-launch package includes pre-configured activation flows and network connectors that are designed based on industry best practices.

The key ingredient is our standardized OTT Service Modeling, designed to seamlessly adapt to both existing and new OTT services without the need for customizing business logic for each specific service. Additionally, our approach prioritizes standards-based BSS integration, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming efforts to tailor the BSS for every new OTT provider you introduce.

The solution is prepared to activate different types of OTT suppliers and different types of activation modes: Association Journey, Direct provisioning, independent from other services or customer types.

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Designed to assist CSPs throughout their journey, Symphonica offers a standards-driven, layered architecture seamlessly aligned with TM Forum Open APIs and entities. This ensures swift integration with your existing systems, making your OTT integration journey faster and more efficient than ever before.

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