Symphonica for Business Services

Multi-vendor, Multi-technology Service Order Orchestration and Provisioning Solution

Symphonica for Business Services strongly focuses on automation, reducing activation times for complex services and ensuring error-free operations. This multi-tech, vendor-agnostic, cloud-native, and no-code platform empowers MSOs to enhance their infrastructure, cut the total cost of ownership, and explore new revenue streams.

Understanding the Industry Landscape

CSPs face a set of persistent challenges that have significant implications for their businesses. These challenges include

  • Excessive costs associated with manual tasks and data entry across multiple systems
  • Ineffective workflow tools
  • Hardcoded services activation configuration
  • Costly service and activation configuration changes
  • Complexity in supporting provisioning systems for different network technologies
  • Time-consuming and expensive CRM and OSS integration for new services
  • Lack of comprehensive management tools for multifaceted ecosystems
  • Absence of a scalable management platform creates operational issues
  • Urgent need for innovative solutions to streamline their operations

In the ever-evolving world of telecommunications and service providers, the challenges are numerous. Managing multi-protocol, multi-vendor equipment across diverse networks can be a daunting task. Activation processes are often time-consuming, impractical, and expensive due to the lack of comprehensive management tools.

Symphonica has been at the forefront of addressing these challenges for over 15 years.

Why is a Business Services provisioning solution important?

Because as your business grows, so do the costs.

Why Symphonica for Business?

Symphonica for Cable has comprehensive capabilities that address CSPs’ common challenges and effectively position them to meet evolving customer needs. It is a cloud-ready and cost-effective platform that simplifies network management, supports standard Cable Provisioning as well as evolving technologies (such as GPON, eSIM, NFV, RemotePHY, CIN, L2VPN, etc.), and ensures network security and performance while adhering to industry standards (TM Forum, MEF LSO and ETSI MANO).

Symphonica has been designed to offer service providers a comprehensive, profitable and centralized SOM platform to manage residential and business services in real-time on different devices and access for fixed and wireless networks.

By selecting Symphonica, MSO will benefit from:

  • A consultative approach & amazing delivery
  • Specialized solutions to optimize service delivery and assurance processes
  • Expertise in network technologies and multi-service provisioning
  • Expertise in OSS/BSS automation for end-to-end service provisioning and activation multi-service.

With Symphonica, MSOs can concentrate on expanding their networks and enhancing their businesses without the need for costly, time-consuming, and complex implementation and management processes.

CSPs Need to Simplify

Benefits of Symphonica for Business Services

Discover the benefits of Symphonica for Business Services. Symphonica is more than just a solution; it catalyzes growth, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

Revenue Growth

  • Fast and timely introduction of innovative business services.
  • Flexible, personalized services to attract new customers for growth

Improve Customer Experience

  • Superior customer experience with intuitive self-service capabilities.
  • Configuration changes in service components, workflows, and adapter interfaces, among other features.

OPEX Reduction

  • Automation of service order fulfillment and delivery for cost reduction.
  • Increased productivity by eliminating manual tasks.

Business Processes Automation

  • Symphonica orchestrates service delivery and administration.
  • Provides northbound interfaces and process guidelines for full business process automation.

Proven Scalability and Reliability

  • Demonstrated scalability, reliability, and security in handling numerous operations and subscribers.
  • Flexible, efficient software design allows easy scaling and deployment customization.

Maximize ARPU and Minimize Churn Rate

  • Minimize operational cost and churn rate.
  • Maximize ARPU, accelerate time-to-revenue, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Create New Business Models

  • Seamlessly integrate with existing or new OSS Platforms.
  • Empower operators to create innovative business models like Prepaid or Usage-Based Services.

Service Activation & Value-Added Services in a SINGLE Platform

Symphonica - Uses Cases

Symphonica is a versatile solution with a range of powerful use cases

  • Configuration of Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Services
  • Automating infrastructure creation processes for Metro-Ethernet (E-Ring) Services
  • Streamlining DIA, Voice, and MPLS E-LINE services
  • Efficiently handling DIA, Voice, and MPLS services over FTTH Networks
  • Enabling seamless SD-WAN Service Automation
  • Orchestrating NFV/SDN operations
  • Implementing Voice Service Automation, including Cloud PBX and Unified Communication
  • Facilitating B2B OTT Service Automation for Marketplaces (e.g., Microsoft 365, Teams, Zoom, and more)
  • Seamless Integration with Physical and Logical Inventory Platforms
  • Plus, a multitude of other applications designed to optimize and enhance your business services.

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