Symphonica for Cable

Cost-effective, Centralized, Multi-vendor Service Orchestration and Provisioning Solution

Symphonica for Cable is a cloud-ready, multi-tenant, Service Orchestration and Provisioning solution to manage the end-to-end fulfillment of Broadband and Multimedia Services via Cable Modems and PacketCable™ E-MTAs.

Navigating Challenges and Demands in the Telecommunications Industry

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) face common challenges and needs in their operations, including:

  • Dealing with stateless Business/Operations Support Systems.
  • Struggling with CRM systems lacking visibility into customer devices.
  • Operating in multiple clusters or silos, slowing seamless integration and communication.

CSPs must adapt to evolving customer demands, including:

  • Offering multi-technology services from a consolidated platform.
  • Providing value-added services.
  • Optimizing processes to reduce costs and enhance the customer experience.

These challenges underscore the importance of modernizing and streamlining systems and processes to remain competitive in the telecommunications industry.

Stop paying for costly DHCP licenses!

To minimize operational costs and TCO of DOCSIS Provisioning solutions, Symphonica has integrated its carrier-class, multi-awarded Provisioning Suite, which manages tens of millions of devices all over the Americas, with Kea, an Open-Source DHCP server.

Why Symphonica for Cable?

Symphonica for Cable has comprehensive capabilities that address CSPs’ common challenges and effectively position them to meet evolving customer needs. It is a cloud-ready and cost-effective platform that simplifies network management, supports standard Cable Provisioning as well as evolving technologies (such as GPON, eSIM, NFV, RemotePHY, CIN, L2VPN, etc.), and ensures network security and performance while adhering to industry standards (TM Forum, MEF LSO and ETSI MANO).

Symphonica for Cable focuses on unification, integration, and user-friendly interfaces, which makes it a valuable asset for cable operators looking to enhance the efficiency and performance of their networks (Microservices, Dynamic Scaling, deployment based on Kubernetes, etc.). In addition, the solution provides flexibility to configure different strategies for high availability, load balancing, and DRP/BCP in all system components and the self-activation & self-care of Broadband, Telephony, and Digital TV services.


No-Code Process Automation

Easily design, configure, deploy, and test interfaces with network devices using different protocols.

Multi-vendor Interoperability

Pre-built and ready-to-deploy provisioning and monitoring workflows and off-the-shelf connectors.

First-Time Right Service Installations

Simplify & certify field tech installations with Symphonica’s bottom-up provisioning approach.

Simplify Integration with B/OSS Systems

Deploy APIs required to integrate with third-party systems, based on an interoperability standard.

Service Activation & Value-Added Services in a SINGLE Platform

Quick & Easy Self-Activation & Self-Care

  • End-to-end installation process automation for Broadband and Telephony
  • Installation quality guaranteed
  • Flexible service packages reducing time to market of new complex service bundle

Captive Portal for Upsell Services

  • Advertise promotions, retentions packages
  • Upsell HSD packages, voice using controlled trials

Captive Portal & Debt Management

  • Powerful Debt Management that sends overdue subscribers to a captive portal
  • It allows on-screen messages for marketing or advertising campaigns

Network Monitoring & Planning

  • SNMP continuous monitoring of CMTSs, Cable modems and E-MTAs
  • It prevents service degradation by estimating and alerting when a node will be saturated

Automatic Firmware Management

  • It automatically updates the firmware version of devices
  • No human intervention required to keep the network up to date

Fraud & Network Usage Control

  • It automatically blocks cloned devices identifying the real customer
  • It reports and alerts about actual customers uncapping their Cable Modems

Flexible IP Version Selection

  • Deploy IPv6 devices based on multiple flexible rules, from a global system configuration section (by manufacturer, Vendor-class, CMTS) to specific subscriber configuration.

Wi-Fi Management

  • Subscribers can manage themselves their Wi-Fi password and other properties directly from the current MSO’s self-care portal.
  • Provides a secure and swift way of re-provisioning all Wi-Fi properties in Cable Modems in a disaster recovery situation such us Firmware Upgrades resetting the settings.

Put an end to expensive DHCP license fees!

Symphonica’s cost-effective solution, featuring our carrier-class Provisioning Suite trusted by millions of devices across the Americas, now supports Kea, an Open-Source DHCP server.

Make the switch and lower your operational costs and TCO today!

DOCSIS Device Provisioning based on Kea

Kea is an open-source, modular DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 server solution implemented and widely used in enterprise environments, educational institutions, and Internet service providers, which fosters a global community of users and contributors.

Symphonica highly recommends the Kea DHCP server as the preferred choice, offering a cost-effective solution compared to other market alternatives. Kea is cloud-ready, auto-scalable, and significantly reduces operational and acquisition costs. Moreover, Kea encompasses all the most-requested features, boasts a modern design, and is tailored for today’s cutting-edge network environments.

KEA vs. Commercial DHCP

Installation SupportOn-prem & CloudOn-prem
Leases DatabaseIndependent MySQL databaseProprietary local database
Configuration DBIndependent MySQL databaseProprietary local database
Configuration ModeRuntime (no service restart needed)Restart required
Leases per cluster810K Leases900K Leases

Unlock the Power of DOCSIS Device Provisioning with Kea

Symphonica & Kea - Success Case


DOCSIS provisioning managing 120K IPv4 Leases

AWS deployment based on automated deployment with Terraform

Distributed architecture using MySQL RDS Service

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