Orchestrating SD-WAN: Eliminating Operational Silos

It’s a known fact that many CSPs & MSPs are using multiple SD-WAN & SASE solutions to serve various segments of the enterprise market. However, this multi-vendor approach comes with a high maintenance cost because SD-WAN vendors have different interfaces and APIs to integrate with service providers’ customer onboarding and system configuration OSS/BSS.

While standards have been developed in an attempt to mitigate this challenge, the reality is that each vendor still has a siloed approach. In such a siloed environment, onboarding, coordinating and automating new services can be challenging.

CSPs aim to reduce costs and decrease time to revenue associated with provisioning and service activation using automation and orchestration.

Webinar: Orchestrating SD-WAN: Eliminating Operational Silos

Join Symphonica, the leading no-code, cloud-native orchestration solution and flexiWAN, the world’s first open-source SD-WAN & SASE, as they demonstrate how the integration of their solutions simplifies and automates the end-to-end activation of an SD-WAN service with zero-touch provisioning. 

In this webinar Intraway and flexiWAN will show you how to:

  • Streamline the end-to-end activation of an SD-WAN service 
  • Demonstrate the construction of the modeling, workflows and the necessary integrations for an SD-WAN service
  • Design from scratch any use case on any technology on a vendor-agnostic, cloud-native platform based on industry best practices.

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